Why are law school admissions so applicant unfriendly?

I feel like there are a lot of things wrong with the law school app process. Rolling admissions, a mostly opaque process, poor organization/access to useful resources, the existence of admissions patterns like this:

Why is the process so shitty? I know law school adcoms complain about USNWR rankings forcing them to create right angles of death, but is that really true? The legal profession in the US is small and there are only 150ish law schools. Seems like a solvable tragedy of the commons to me.

And then there’s the whole rolling admissions thing that med schools and business schools somehow manage to avoid. It’s nice for the law school to be able to cherry pick over the course of 8-12 months but it’s really terrible for the applicants. What makes law school so sPeCiaL?

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The reality of bi-modal outcomes and predatory schools. You might be able to call the bottom of the class a lawyer, but maybe not an attorney, especially at schools with bad outcomes. We somehow ended up in a seller’s market, not a buyer’s one.