Site suggestions

Suggestions for the site

What kind of categories/topics do y’all want to see?

I’m thinking categories like:

  • Admissions
    • Scholarship negotiations
    • Chance me
    • PS sharing
    • Wave watching
    • Outside the T14
  • LSAT
    • RC
    • LR
    • LG

University of Mississippi is coming up as UM like UMichigan


Hey @crypranon Huge fan of site. Maybe you can add a message area on different user’s pages similar to Facebook’s wall … I figure this would help new applicants to ask public questions to recent or past applicants. I like the chat, but I think this is different because the discussion would be saved sort of like the area where you can add advice is - great idea but maybe more interactive.

Another thing I’ve been thinking is maybe making a finance tab? I have been trying to figure out cost of living in different areas so maybe a section where people can input their total cost of attendance including col. That would be personally helpful but not sure if that starts to go beyond the scope of this project.

Finally, maybe a place where current students or alumni can post on a school profile and answer a few standard questions in a 5 star yelp format like: how would you rate the value? How would you rate the students? Then they can comment 1- 2 sentences

This already exists, click the Start Discussion link in someone’s profile to start the conversation: image

This is on my radar and financial advice is an important feature I want to add but I don’t have the time right now. It probably won’t happen this cycle but it will come eventually. In the meantime, check out the collective bargaining startup that I’m running: It’s meant to help incoming students get cheaper loans. Doesn’t directly address your suggestion, but it’s related.

This is a good suggestion but alumni/current student outreach is hard. Once the app cycle is over very few people come back to share their wisdom. I’m not convinced that it’ll be worth the development effort at the moment.

Mods of color who are active and will actually do something about (eg recognize & address) the racism in the chat.

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I think a link to each school’s LSTReport would be nice, I often find myself switching back between the two sites when looking at the scholarships people have received. Or somehow incorporating the school COA into the site.

Would it be possible to separate out “direct admits” vs. “admits from WL” at the top part? where the red green and yellow numbers are.

I think people are getting confused when doing year over year comparisons, and right now it looks like the WL → A’s are included in both WL and Acceptances, so double counted/is confusing to people panicking over how many acceptances are still available, idk.

Can you say some more about this? I’m not aware of what incident you’re referring to.

Great idea, added to the todo list! Super busy with BundleBee right now though, but the link will definitely be there for next cycle.

Oh wow, good catch. Implemented your suggested change.

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I’m sure there’s a backlog of what’s said in the chat, right? I’d be really interested to see how often the tone of the message is positive when URM is the search keyword. This could also verify the specific cases below and I what I haven’t seen. But the past few times I’ve gotten onto the chat, those referring to URM applicants have been somewhere in the range of condescending to outright racist.

E.g. “a rich URM has a better chance of getting into a school than I do,” completely ignoring the role that white supremacy and racism plays in every single person of color’s life, at a minimum. Not to mention the other forms of oppression faced by minorities in general, that have barred us from even having the opportunity to go law school at all until far more recently as compared to cishet white men, who have been law school from the educational system’s foundation.
Also, someone responding to “looks like X school is having a wave” with “one admit and a URM admit isn’t a wave,” for some reason feeling the need to alienate the URM applicant by their minority status. Rather than simply stating only two people had been admitted. Literally discriminating on the type of admissions by this factor. This is more subtle discrimination, but it’s not like other applicants are being described by their identity in such a way. Other applicants aren’t being othered like that. Like the person earlier, upset about rich URM admits. No one proceeded to refer to them in the chat as “the poor applicant,” you know what I mean? They still get to be a normal person. And that’s how supremacy works and the seeds are planted in everyday conversations. And how they can grow into systemic oppression because these jaded individuals go on to make policies and laws targeting URMs who somehow “took something away from them” in their life.

There was also a suspicious use of the phrase “studio gangsters,” but the point is mods were present for all of this and nothing was said or done. While I think it’s important for everyone to participate in a discourse on racism, bigotry and oppression, there needs to be a line drawn when users on this site are being directly targeted with hurtful words. This should be a safe space for everyone to respectfully share their opinions. The chat used to be a place where I felt comfortable and it no longer feels that way because these people tend to dominate the discussion while present. Why should people have to feel attacked because of their insecurities? But ultimately if all the mods are of the same sorts of backgrounds as these people, what are the chances of anyone stepping in when needed if the issues aren’t being naturally recognized?

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Is it an easy thing to update rankings for the new ones? They still show the old ones, at least in search and on each school’s graphs page!

Yup, I will update the rankings soon. Do you happen to have access to a spreadsheet of the new rankings?

Would it be possible to make it so that when someone marks attending for one of their schools on their personal profile it shows up on any of the schools they didn’t hit attending for as withdrawn. For example if I hit attending for school X but I am too lazy to hit withdraw for school Y and Z when someone goes to check the graph and stuff for school Y and Z it will show withdrawn for my account. I think this would maybe help people get a better feel for their chances of getting off the waitlist or other things as well.


This is a great idea, I’ve added it to the todo list!

A Seat Deposit 1 &2 label would be fantastic


Can you say a bit more about this?

can we add waitlist withdrawn in parentheses next to waitlist

ETA: I think there is an issue where people are being double counted in the “search” function right now?

Also, would it be possible to break out PR/MA/other hispanic in the URM options just for the data people to be able to conclusively prove whether or not there is truly a difference?