Life as a Georgetown Law Student [JD '24]


Now that I’ve committed to Georgetown, I thought it might be helpful to folks to have an ongoing thread about my experiences there. Think of it as almost a running blog, which I will do my best to update fairly regularly. Since we’re still pre-1L, updates might be slow to start with.

For reference, at the time of writing, I have been offered 2/3 tuition in merit scholarships, and I’ve been invited to apply for the Blume Public Interest Law Scholarship (full ride).

For the merit scholarships, they sent out a form to many but not all admitted students in February. Some others had success getting an application form after emailing the admissions office. After filling it out, I received scholarship info on the last Friday of February.

For the Blume, I received an invitation to apply late February. The deadline was early March. I’m currently still waiting to see if I move on to the next phase, which is an interview with the director and some others. 10 individuals receive the Blume, and from what I’ve heard only 100 individuals are invited to apply. My source on the 100 number is less solid, but it’s the only one I’ve seen so far.

I’ll update next when I know whether the Blume interview is happening.


lolol for a second I thought this was Dean C writing!