Guide to Interviews

Trying to figure out who’s interviewing/at what point/when it’s required. Comment below and 'll update this.

Yale: Doesn’t offer

Stanford: Doesn’t offer

Harvard: Required, has between 50-75% Interview—>Admit rate

Chicago: Typically received after UR1, can be received in UR2. Allegedly you can be admitted without one, but no one’s heard of this ever happening. A good sign, but not as much as HLS.

Columbia: Usually for borderline candidates/scholarship consideration, but as of 20/21 cycle is interviewing more.

NYU: Available for some named scholarships.

Penn: May (or may not?) offer for the Levy Scholarship (Full Tuiton).

UVA: Usually done right before admissions, just to make sure you’re a normal person.

Northwestern: Kira interview.

Berkeley: Doesn’t Offer.

Michigan: Doesn’t Offer.

Duke: Interview for Mordecai Scholarship (Full Tuition)

Cornell: Usually received after UR1, occasionally after UR2. Kira virtual interview, questions include standard behavioral to contemporary issues. No one has been admitted without it.

Georgetown: Group interviews offered.


Georgetown also offers alumni interviews. As far as I can tell, there’s not a huge difference between who gets offered one or the other, nor a massive difference in outcomes between them.

Michigan offers an interview for the Darrow scholarship. Thanks for compiling this! :relaxed:

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