Feature requests

A really helpful feature for people debating schools to apply to would be the ability to sort schools by LSAT and GPA percentile based on the current cycle. This would be really helpful right now since the current cycle is so insane.

Can you say a bit more about this?

I really like that there’s an option for users to add that they have military experience and that you can use this parameter to filter the list of graph entries to only display those claiming military experience by typing “Military” into the search box.

It would be wonderful to be able to also use this military parameter in the Admissions Search page (Applicant search · LSData) similarly to how you can select search parameters to include, exclude, or only show certain representations such as URM, Non-Trad, and Years Since Graduation.

Thanks for all your efforts!


I really wish that it wouldn’t allow you to update a status to a final decision without inputting a decision date. I hate not knowing when these things happened! Thanks for all your amazing work also :slight_smile:


Can you make sure that the withdrawn schools go grey on our own profiles as well?

I could have sworn I’ve seen this column before on mobile, but a rank column on the status page would be awesome.

Also shamelessly lobbying for a “give serotonin” wave feature for the chat. Lord knows we all need it.

Hi @crypt! Can you change the setting on UR2 column so that we can write in a note if we go UR3 or UR4? Similar to how you can hover over a scholarship or C&F icon and see what the person wrote.
Thanks for always being so responsive!! :slight_smile:

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Howdy @cryptanon. As we get later in the cycle, a “decisions remaining” stat would be cool. I got the HLS HTE email last week, and I’m trying to get a better sense of how many other folks might be in the same boat. (I know I can do the math, but I’m lazy!)

Added to todo list, thanks

Can we get a blue or purple bar for holds? You don’t have to include the corresponding dot on the charts, I would just like my sheet to be more colorful :slight_smile:


I remember last cycle you flipped the older cycle’s all to public. Do you know when you’ll do that for the 2020-2021 cycle that just occurred?

This will happen within the next week. We’re working on a big update and will release everything at once.

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