Feature requests

Request features for LSData here.

The number one feature I have always wanted is for the Decision Date chart to be Decision Date vs. Complete or Sent Date. Even better would be if we could select any available data to plot in the charts.


That’s on the todo list.

Can you clarify what you mean by this? What kind of data, how do you envision selecting it, etc. The full LSData data set is available here if you want to mess around in Excel or R: https://www.lawschooldata.org/download

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I have definitely downloaded the data and messed around with it! Very glad that the data is available.

What I’m picturing is having a drop-down menu on each of the axes that lets the user pick any available data type to plot (i.e. any column header from the table below.) This would allow anyone to plot anything they were interested in. Maybe I want to look at LSAT vs. scholarship for example, this would let me do that. Many combinations would be pretty weird/useless but there’s quite a few that could be useful.

Oh, this is a really good idea! I’ll look into the technical implementation and see how feasible it is.


I would to have love the ability to sort on multiple columns in the data on candidates who have applied to a particular school. Example: on the University of Pennsylvania page, sort by the newest decisions and also the highest LSAT score.

You can already do that. Hold down Shift as you click on columns you want to sort by. I’ll add a tooltip for this.

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Thanks! Didn’t know about that trick.

I would love to be able to view graphs by non-URM in addition to all and URM.


Dark mode pls :slight_smile:

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Direct messaging would be awesome! Would be cool to connect with some of these stats twins I’m finding!

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You can already PM through the forum as well as directly leave comments on someone’s LSData profile page by clicking “Start Discussion”.

This is on the todo list but it’s tricky to get right and could break everything if I do it wrong (e.g. black text on black bg). For now, I recommend using a browser extension that sets darkmode on all the websites you visit.

This is on the todo list, I’ll ping you when it’s done.

A helpful feature would be if the table for a school had a column for when the user had last checked their statuses. If you’re trying to compare your timeline to other applicants, it would be useful to know if they are truly still pending or just a normal person who doesn’t check their statuses every 20 minutes.

When looking at specific schools and the table with all the info, to be available to “filter” columns. Sorting is helpful, but maybe I just want to look at applicants in my range or with certain dates. I know you can sort of do this with the search, but would be nice to be able to do do ranges for example as opposed to one value.

Any way we could get a UR3 tracker? I’ve had a few schools 3 me this week and I feel bad changing the existing data but want to keep track of their last contact date

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This is possible, but I don’t like the idea of adding a full column for that information because the tables are already getting crowded. Any ideas on alternative ways to present the information? As an aside, automated date-filling is one of the things on my todo list, which would probably alleviate some of the issue.

This is probably never going to happen, unfortunately. It hard to implement and copying info into Excel will already allow you to do whatever you want with the data.

Probably not in the table, as it’s already getting crowded and the UR3 is rare. Maybe add the UR3 date into your User Notes? I’m open to methods of tracking the data if you have suggestions, just not in the status table.

The table is definitely getting full. For my suggestion specifically, you could have the font opacity be scaled to how long ago the user checked their status (unless already accepted). For making additional data available in general, I think you could have a last column that contains all the other data in a drop down menu and you pick what is in that column (I would probably also drop GRE to this column, it’s rarely useful). Alternatively, all of the columns could be optional and you could have a list of checkboxes below the table to pick which items to include. The current columns could be selected by default but anyone could add/remove the columns they want.

If you were to throw the code for the site on github, I would be happy to take a stab at some of that todo list. I’m sure other neurotic law school applicants with software backgrounds would do the same.

Implemented and added a “Last seen” column!

That would be really nice. I just need to get around to open sourcing chunks of the project… I’ll ping you when I end up doing that.

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