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Maybe I missed this, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to change what our GPA is out of? Mine is stuck at /4.3 even though my undergrad institution grades on a 4.0 scale.

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LSAC converts everyone’s GPA to a 4.3 scale even if your undergrad doesn’t give out A+s. The LSAC uGPA is what the LSData GPA is meant to represent.

Unfortunately you’re just at a permanent disadvantage compared to people that went to schools that give out A+s.

Somewhat minor, but I’ve withdrawn from a WL and the site doesn’t list my status checker credentials as being purged. I get why people who stay on WLs keep their checkers, but withdrawing seems like it should purge the credentials like other final decisions do.

Thanks for the report, withdrawn statuses will now be wiped too.

I’ve just found a bug where a few of my statuses updated with a recent check but only one of them went red. The one that went red is an acceptance so I’m wondering if it somehow prevented the others from propagating. I’m not 100% sure that the statuses weren’t changed in a previous check and missed going red there though.

Here’s the acceptance:

Here’s one that updated but didn’t go red (you can see the status date is 3/3, today but it says last updated 5 days ago. The final decision…purged message is because I already manually put the rejection in there.):

Here’s another that updated but didn’t go red (same, you can see the 3/3 date but says last updated 2 weeks ago):

Hullo! It looks like Stanford decisions are popping up in the “Recent Decisions” thread, but when I sort its school-specific page by descending decision, recent additions are not popping up. I could be misreading or misunderstanding, though!

I’m having the same issue. The last Stanford decision to show in the table is from 3/19, four days ago. There have been several decisions since then.

Should be fixed now, can you confirm?

Hi! My Stetson and UMiami apps seem like they’re not letting me add them to the automated status checkers. They say my credentials are invalid. I think this comes from the fact that those two apps appear on a different url (https://aso.lsac-unite.org/) than the others at aces2.lsac.org. Is there a way to get around this or does the site not support this at the moment?
Thank you!

Yep, this is a known issue and I hope to have it fixed in the next couple weeks. Thanks for the report!